What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?

What Affects Energy Efficiency Of Replacement
Windows In Jacksonville Beach, FL?

Choosing High-Quality Windows With
Energy Star Ratings For Your Home

Replacement windows in Jacksonville Beach, FL are a gorgeous way to upgrade any room, but it’s important that they are energy-efficient, too. Today, there are so many energy ratings and methods to improve energy efficiency that it can be difficult to find out which windows are worth it.

Jacksonville Doors & Windows has a large selection of windows available. We only offer energy-efficient options, which is how we know what goes into ensuring a window endures the elements and helps keep your home at a more balanced temperature.

Energy Ratings For Window Replacements

There are many energy ratings you may come across, and they each have a different meaning. These ratings are assigned by the National Fenestration Rating Council, a non-profit organization that rates windows on energy efficiency.

  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SGHC) – measures how well it insulates against the sun’s heat.
  • Condensation resistance – lets you know how likely condensation is to build up.
  • Air leakage – rates how much air is allowed in through the closed window.
  • Visible transmittance (VT) – notes how much light can get through.
  • U-factor – measures how well it insulates in general.

The Material Used For Your Replacement
Windows Affects Energy Efficiency

Vinyl is generally the most energy-efficient option for replacement windows. It has exceptional insulating properties and keeps its effectiveness over time. Fiberglass is also an excellent option that works similarly to vinyl. Materials like wood and metal are the least energy-efficient, but a good window brand may make up for it by using high-quality glass.

Pella replacement windows are an amazing option for energy efficiency, as they are similar to Andersen window replacements. These high-end brands are reputable and offer the best of everything, from high-quality materials to gorgeous displays.

The Style Of Your Replacement Windows
Affects Energy Efficiency

There are a few factors regarding the style of window you choose that affect how well it insulates and maintains your home’s ideal temperature. While double-hung windows are an incredible option all around, there are two other types of windows that tend to stand out from the rest.

Fixed Windows

In most cases, fixed windows, like picture windows, are the most energy-efficient because there is less air leakage. They are made with a tight seal because they do not open. However, if you want to open the window to let in the breeze and reduce the amount of time you use your HVAC, ventilation is key.

Hinged Windows

Hinged windows are made for ventilation. These include awning and casement windows. They work to circulate the air in your home in the mild weather so that you don’t need to use your air conditioning or heat.

High-Quality Glazing Makes Windows Insulate Better

Window glazing is a broad term that generally refers to a window that has more than one pane that works together to optimize your home’s energy. But it can also refer to a coating put on top of the pane during manufacturing. In this case, it’s more commonly known as window coating.

A Low-E coating is a type of “glaze” that is transparent and reflects heat. It’s too thin for the human eye to see, yet it makes a huge difference in how well your window insulates, especially in the dead of a St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach area summer.

Spacers Are Key For Pella Replacement Windows

Spacers are pieces of metal or plastic that separate the window panes, creating a pocket. The pocket is filled with air or gas to help the window insulate even better. Without this space, all that is standing between your home and the outside elements is glass.

Weatherstripping During Window Installation Helps All Year

Though many Pella replacement windows and Andersen replacement windows come with the manufacturer’s weatherstripping, the best weatherproofing comes during installation. Whether it’s foam or caulk, a layer of weatherstripping helps create a tight seal for your window.

A High-Quality Window Installation Means Everything

Even the best window can be installed improperly, voiding its natural energy efficiency. That’s why it’s crucial that a professional with a good reputation installs your window. Otherwise, you may miss out on optimal energy efficiency for your new windows.

Jacksonville Doors & Windows is a window installation company that serves Jacksonville Beach, FL. If you’re interested in energy-efficient windows, call us today at (904) 503-0680 for your free estimate.

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