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Grand, Sophisticated, Luxurious Pivot Doors
For Jacksonville Metro-Area Homes

Give Your Entryway An Incredible Modern Look
That Elevates Architecture And Opens Up The Space

When homeowners from across the Northern Florida region approach us for large, luxurious pivot doors, we know we’re going to be designing a gorgeous eye-popping entryway. Sure, we make all the exquisite door systems we design stand out, but nothing stands out quite like these doors can. They’re impressive and not nearly as common.

Let’s look at what are arguably the three most common top-tier benefits of these pivot door systems and why more and more homeowners are giving them a second and third glance.

Jacksonville Doors And Windows Pivot Introduction

A Uniquely Modern Style

Rather than being a hinged door, these door “slabs,” if you will, turn on an axis. That function alone sets the entryway apart from the vast majority of conventional hinge doors, not to mention Sliding Patio Doors or Bi-Folding Patio Doors (both of which we specialize in as well).

Expansive Sizes & Core Stability

The two main advantages to a door turning on an axis are size and stability. First, they can be essentially as big and heavy as you want (much bigger than traditional doors). This is because ours are aluminum, and thanks to centrally distributed weight, there’s no need for a frame.

Reimagining Social Spaces

As these doors are typically used on larger homes or estates, they can be adapted to any entry area with the space. This could be a large patio, front/back entrances, etc. Most customers place them in social areas for holding large numbers of people. The area feels far less crowded with pivot doors.

Residential Pivot Entry Door Options

Remarkably Safe, Secure, Flexible, Durable & Energy Efficient

So, you want to create a unique central, luxurious focal point for your home? We can help. And here’s the first thing you should know – these door systems aren’t new or risky. In fact, they’ve been around since antiquity for all the same reasons Jacksonville Metro-area homeowners have us install them to this day.

That said, what once was saved for grand exotic entrances to cities, villages, and temples, can now be part of the residential experience. Does your home or the space need to be some architectural wonder for it to fit? No. But they work best in wide tall spaces.

  • Options for modular design with sidelites.
  • Operable and fixed configurations.
  • Self-mating sidelites and transoms.

How about other styling options?

Well, they can be customized to suit the specifics of your home, but there are also some standard and premium wood species colors, as well as a number of basic tints.

pivot door options
pivot door options 1 pivot door options 2 pivot door options 3

As long as the space is suitable for a pivot door system, there’s no question whether we can get a perfect solution designed and installed with absolute precision. With JD&W, that’s guaranteed. The real question is whether or not you should choose us to go through this journey of home improvement with you. We believe you should, and here are some solid reasons why.

Why Choose JD&W For Your Door Project

Unparalleled Quality, Service & Value At Unbeatable Prices

Experience-Driven Core Values

Respect | Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Trustworthiness

Do profits and sales drive us? No. Did we get into this business because we love our careers? Yes indeed. So, what does drive us then? What is the wind pushing our sails? Principles and values. It’s that simple. We’re far more concerned with showing customers respect. We’re focused on being accountable and reliable and being known as a trustworthy local contractor.

Specialty Home-Defining Products

Premium-Quality Replacement Windows That Last

Pivot doors are unique and are often considered a luxury. This is because they make dramatic aesthetic statements and redefine living spaces. This is what we’re passionate about. We don’t do generic. We don’t do cheap cookie-cutter workmanship. The door and window systems we build with local Northern Florida homeowners are of exceptional quality and value…every time.

Guaranteed, Full-Satisfaction Workmanship

Detailed, Polished Installations You Can Count On

This is one of our most important policies, and we stick to it like a 10-inch layer of super glue – your project isn’t finished until we know every detail is perfect and you’re 100% satisfied. There are little challenges in every project. It’s par for the course. What’s important is we stick around to tackle them and protect our reputation. With JD&W, talented workmanship is guaranteed.

Personalized Turnkey Process

Custom-Fit-For-You Process From Inspiration To Installation

Designing and having a custom pivot door system manufactured for your home isn’t a simple task. There are plenty of variables and complexities involved, especially here in the Northern Florida region, where we have extensive codes and local laws to abide by. We make the process smoother, more informative, and much more rewarding. It’s something we’re rather proud of.

Our Close-Knit Company Culture

Respecting Each Customer Like They’re Part Of The Family

At JD&W, we think of ourselves as a family-based company. We care about people! We care about each other. We break bread together and work as a team. When you work with us, you’ll feel that close-knit, well-oiled machine feeling where you know you’re in the hands of a seasoned and experienced group of professionals. It’s where genuine peace of mind tends to come from.

Our Absolute-Zero-Sales-Pressure Policy

Focused On Providing Solutions, Not Generating Profits

Like you, we don’t want to be “sold” anything. We don’t want the wool pulled over our eyes. And we don’t tolerate dishonesty or back-handed, high-pressure tactics. In fact, we’ve taken conventional “sales” out of our process and replaced it with educating customers, focusing on ensuring you feel fantastic about both your choices and the process of finding and defining them.

What Your Spacious New Entryway Could Look Like

Real Local 5-Star Reviews

See What Local Folks Are Saying About Us

Dee T.

Exceptional quality, product, and value

Exceptional quality, product, and value. The whole team was Awesome!! They were very quick and professional, and the wait time wasn’t bad at all. I’m loving my new door. Highly recommended for all your door needs. Kudos!

Robert L.

A pleasure to deal with

A pleasure to deal with. They provided us with a custom-fit bi-folding patio door after a couple of others couldn't figure out how to do so. The installers were courteous, did a great job, and left the place clean. We highly recommend Jacksonville Doors and Windows.

Amara J.

Blown away at how amazing JD&W is

Blown away at how amazing JD&W is. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. Very professional, welcoming, and attentive. Great prices! My installer was phenomenal. He arrived early, and I don’t have enough words for his work. My bi-folding patio door looks amazing, and to say I’m pleased isn’t even close. Try them out! You won’t be disappointed!

Stephanie R.

These guys were wonderful to work with.

These guys were wonderful to work with. They were professional, and it really shows that they care for their customers. We had a small issue with the paint during the installation, and they had someone out ASAP to ensure it was up to their standards. I’d definitely recommend the JD&W team and would use them again in a heartbeat.

Craig B.

Very courteous, professional

Very courteous, professional, and understanding of what it takes to maintain a friendly, trusting relationship with the customer. They get the job done to complete satisfaction and are in the driver’s seat, ensuring Jacksonville Doors and Windows has a successful, bright future.

Pivot Door FAQ

Important Questions & Answers

Are there lots of options with pivot doors?

Not as many options and features as you see with products like Fiberglass Entry Door Systems, for example, or even Replacement Window Systems. Pivot doors are made of aluminum, have a smaller subset of different glass options, and come in a series of different core finishes and configurations. We can help you understand each. Are custom colors and configurations available? Yes.

Can I replace a regular set of doors with a pivot door

Generally speaking, yes. It comes down to the size and constraints of the opening in question. We need proper clearances so your pivot door will operate as it should. If you’d like a more direct answer, please reach out and contact us or stop by our showroom.

Can my pivot doors come with impact glass?

Yes, the two basic options for glass are laminated impact glass and laminated insulating impact glass. Low-E glass is available. As always, your JD&W specialist will walk you through the differences and benefits and help you understand which is the best option for your unique circumstances.

Do you provide free quotes on pivot doors?

Yes, we provide free quotes in most circumstances. Some services, like, for example, our Decorative Door Glass Makeovers, don’t have at-home consultations. When necessary, it gives us the ability to sit down with you, go over the options, help you make choices on products, features, and accessories, and figure out a solid price. We don’t do same-day, in-home quotes. It takes us a couple of days to put the information together.

Where will my pivot doors be made or come from?

Once your pivot door system has been designed, it will be manufactured here in the good old US of A and be AAMA, ASTM, Miami-Dade, and TDI approved.

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