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While Andersen is another industry-leading, well-known name in replacement windows, the VAST majority of our Jacksonville Metro customers need help navigating their product lines.

And here’s where the JD&W difference shines through:

When you choose us, you’ll enjoy the opposite of your average, generic, almost robotic retail experience. We know everything there is to know about these products and how they’ll perform in any given situation, including your Northern Florida home.

We work with specific Andersen fiberglass and wood replacement window lines. Because after being in the local industry for as long as we have, we specialize in an assortment of hand-picked options from brands like Andersen, Pella, Simonton, and PGT to ensure you get the PERFECT replacement windows for your home, budget, styling tastes, and functional needs.

fiberglass wood andersen replacement windows jacksonville doors and windows

Within the fiberglass and wood spectrum, the lavish benefits and features speak for themselves.

Our Goal: Get You The Most Value At The Best Possible Price.

We’re going to explain options and features, help you understand the levels of durability these windows offer, as well as the energy efficiency ratings and, of course, their assurances – Andersen Windows offers one of the strongest replacement window warranties you can find.

Learn more about the three core types of Andersen replacement windows we work with below. If you’d prefer to speak directly with one of our friendly in-house specialists, feel free to call us at (904) 503-0680 or Send A Message using our simple website form. We’ll get back to you soon.

Andersen Replacement Window Options

Exclusive Fibrex, Assorted Wood Options, And A-Series Fiberglass

Composite Fibrex Windows

andersen fibrex composite windows

Fibrex is a low-maintenance, high-performance composite alternative to conventional vinyl windows made of 40% reclaimed wood fibers & 60% thermoplastic polymer. It’s unique and exclusive to Andersen. These options are within both their A-Series and 100 Series lines.

andersen a series 100 series subheader

Because Fibrex is 2x stronger than classic vinyl, it has superior weather resistance (repels moisture), overall durability, and excellent insulating value (700X better than aluminum). And, let’s not forget, in terms of aesthetics, Andersen uses a unique fabrication process that blends your color with the Fibrex material during production for long-lasting beauty.

fibrex window styles

Durable, factory-finished interiors and exteriors feature a premium matte finish that isn’t shiny like vinyl plus they never need painting and won’t fade, flake, blister or peel.

fibrex windows features

Wood Replacement Windows

andersen wood replacement windows

Because wood has been at the forefront of their products for over a century, Andersen has wood replacement window options woven throughout their core lines that come clad in aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. One example is their E-Series with aluminum to resist water and effectively seal out the elements here in Northern Florida over the long haul.

andersen e series subsection

Options, options, options galore. A JD&W product specialist will work with you to define the right combination of features, including exterior (they have tons) and interior finishes, as well as their specialty glass, hardware finishes, blinds, shades, and architecturally authentic grilles where you can get even more creative and expressive.

Interior Wood Species

andersen wood window species

Factory-Finished Interiors

andersen interior wood species

Whether you’re making a design statement or recreating a classic, E-Series products give you the freedom to use your imagination and create your personal vision. Our distinctive woods add uncommon flair to any room. Each wood species has its own character, grain, and staining capabilities, so you can select one that makes your windows stand out or matches your décor.

andersen decorative window styles

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

fiberglass replacement windows subsection

Andersen fiberglass replacement window options are everything you would come to expect from a brand of their caliber in the industry. If you’re interested, our product specialist will walk you through the benefits and features of their A-Series line: tough, weather-resistant, stunning architectural design, and lightweight with easy functional operation.

fiberglass wood andersen replacement windows

We’ll work with you to get the exact kind of grille, glass, style, hardware, and color you and your home need. You end up with products that last and look incredible for a LONG time to come, require very little maintenance, and effectively keep our Jacksonville Metro weather where it should be – outside! Combined with all the outstanding warranty coverage you get, you can see why they’re a popular option.

Interior Wood Species

fiberglass interior wood species

Factory-Finished Interiors

fiberglass window factory finishes interior

Designed in conjunction with leading architects to provide authentic architectural style, A-Series windows offer all of the options you need to easily create the look you’ve been dreaming of. Beyond delivering the style you want, A-Series products are the best performing, most energy-efficient windows Andersen offers for true peace of mind.

light window styles

Some Recent Projects From Around Jacksonville Metro

Why Choose JD&W As Your Windows Specialist

Unparalleled Quality, Service & Value At Unbeatable Prices

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Experience-Driven Core Values

Respect | Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Trustworthiness

How do we manage to consistently achieve excellence from “Inspiration to Installation” one successful project at a time? Simple – by orienting our company and replacement windows process around our shared principles and core company values. Together, they’re like a compass that helps keep us on the straight and narrow and ensures you love your experience.

Specialty Home Defining Products

Premium-Quality Replacement Windows That Last

From Andersen and Pella to Simonton and PGT Replacement Windows, while they represent a small ocean of options and possibilities, this one thing is 100% guaranteed – we only install high-quality home-defining replacement windows. This is something we can’t make exceptions on because both your long-term satisfaction and our company reputation are riding on our work.

Guaranteed, Full-Satisfaction Workmanship

Detailed, Polished Installations You Can Count On

No one on earth takes our workmanship more seriously than us. Along with our detailed window replacements, we’re one of only a handful of companies in Northern Florida who hand-build the Residential Front Entry Doors we install for local homeowners. Not to mention our Decorative Door Glass Makeovers. Bottom Line – we represent polished, professional workmanship.

Personalized Turnkey Process

Custom-Fit-For-You Process From Inspiration To Installation

The process of replacing windows is basic. What separates the best from the worst comes down to the finer details. We’re not the company to call for cheap vinyl windows or quick window repairs. We’re the company you call when you want a GREAT experience, from designing the ideal new windows to watching these top-tier products being installed by a talented local crew.

Our Close-Knit Company Culture

Respecting Each Customer Like They’re Part Of The Family

JD&W brings a LOT of experience to the table. Not just as private contractors but as people who worked on the other more corporate side of the tracks for over a decade as well. This is why we continually move mountains to maintain a close-knit, professional, experienced, and high-performance crew of people we consider a family. You’re going to enjoy working with us!

Our Absolute-Zero-Sales-Pressure Policy

Focused On Providing Solutions, Not Generating Profits

Folks are often surprised to find out that we don’t offer same-day, in-home quotes. Why’s that? Well, because we’re far more professional than the average contractor just looking to make a sale. Our product specialists are exactly that – specialists! They aren’t salespeople. We’re concerned with providing our customers with personalized, specific, and detailed solutions.

Some Of Our Replacement Window Reviews

What Local Northern Florida Folks Are Saying

Julia S.

Top-notch service & excellent quality!

Top-notch service & excellent quality! The Jacksonville Doors And Windows team made our window selection a breeze & installation was easy. Would absolutely recommend this company to everyone!”

Jimmy D.

Jacksonville Doors And Windows has been the best experience I’ve had in a long time

Jacksonville Doors And Windows has been the best experience I've had in a long time. They were very quick, professional, and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend them.”

Stephanie R.

JD&W was wonderful to work with

JD&W was wonderful to work with. They were professional and really show that they care for customers. We had a small issue with the paint during the installation, and they had someone out ASAP to ensure it was up to their standards. I’d definitely recommend their team and would use them again in a heartbeat.

Sophie N.

The JD&W team is amazing!

The JD&W team is amazing! They made the entire process so easy, and they went out of their way to ensure we had new windows on time for our baby's arrival. The installation was seamless, they did a great job, and our windows are beautiful.

Russ A.

We had a great experience with Jacksonville Doors And Windows

Overall, we had a great experience with Jacksonville Doors And Windows. They were professional, responsive, and had reasonable prices. Their turnaround time was 2-3 times better than other places we received quotes from. The end result is just amazing, we are very pleased.

Sven O.

Such a lifesaver.

I needed new windows in my bathroom because whenever I needed to, you know, use it, the aftermath needed an escape which I couldn’t have been able to do with my old windows. But with the new windows they installed, what a relief!! Such a lifesaver.

Andersen Replacement Windows FAQ

Important Questions & Answers

How long has Andersen been in business?

Andersen was founded as a lumber company in 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen in Hudson, Wisconsin. Where logs arrived via the St. Croix River, this company found a niche making window frames. While it’s not a private family-owned company like Pella, they’re a well-known American brand with a rich history. 

Where do Andersen windows fall in terms of local market pricing?

We can sell Andersen Fibrex at an affordable rate that’s likely going to be lower than other local contractors that try and gouge their bids. Many of these salespeople are paid off of net profit, and this pricing model causes them to do things we simply don’t agree with. What Jacksonville Doors & Windows can get you is the most cost-effective overall project price. We can fit Fibrex products into your budget better than anyone else can. 

Which is better, Pella or Andersen?

This is a tough one because we install both windows. Is Pella the right fit for every project? No. Of course, neither is Andersen. One major difference between the two, however, has to do with their warranty coverage. While Pella offers LIFETIME coverage, Andersen offers 10 years.

Why is Fibrex such a popular vinyl window alternative?

Fibrex is a unique material made exclusively by the Andersen company. Essentially, they decided to innovate and create a material that provided MORE. More strength (x2). More durability. And more resistance to the decay, cracking, and warping you see in cheaper, thinner vinyl windows. It’s designed to last decades, even amidst the more extreme weather we can experience here in the Northern Florida region. 

Why should I choose you to install Andersen windows in my home?

While we aren’t going to claim we’re the best, we believe our experience in the Florida market is important. This market is unlike any other in the country because of our codes, wind speeds, water infiltration standards, etc. Plus, without the right knowledge and use of the right materials, you lose most of the benefits of these products. Without precise, detailed, knowledgeable installations, you’ll see bad operation, less energy efficiency, less performance, and more.

Take Your Home To The Next Level

At Jacksonville Doors And Windows, we offer customized patio doors, entry doors, door glass, and replacement windows of surpassing beauty and quality. Each custom unit is meticulously installed by professionals who know well the craftsmanship required to withstand the Northern Florida climate. Call today for your free consultation.


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