A Guide To Window Condensation

What Does Window Condensation Mean
And How Do Replacement Windows
Help In Jacksonville Beach, FL?

Energy Efficient Replacement
Windows May Fix The Issue

Replacement windows in Jacksonville Beach, FL improve the energy efficiency of your home and make your house look even better from the curb. One of the ways the windows improve energy efficiency is by reducing harmful condensation that builds on the window glass.

Jacksonville Doors and Windows offers window replacements to help Florida residents reduce condensation that can cause future issues.

What Is Condensation For Replacement Windows?

Condensation is what happens when water vapor transitions from a gas to a liquid. It attaches to your window glass when the outside air becomes cool or wet yet is at full water capacity. As warm air touches a cool window, the condensation may begin to build up and attach to the window.

Though it can be harmful under the right circumstances, condensation is not always a sign that there is a big issue. Some types of condensation are a normal and healthy reaction to the environment.

What Condensation Is Normal For Replacement
Windows In The Jacksonville Beach Area?

There are many reasons why condensation forms. It could be because the outside temperature is high while the inside temperature is significantly lower. When this condensation forms on the outside of your window, it’s a natural reaction that is nothing to be concerned about. If the condensation forms on the inside of your window, it could easily be an inside cause, such as a humidifier or oven.

The biggest issues occur when there is condensation that you can see – but can’t feel from the inside or outside. That means it’s between the window panes, which should never happen. The space between the windows should be airtight and not allow any moisture to reside inside. Talk to your window contractor if you notice a dampness between your window panes.

Understanding Replacement Windows Condensation
Ratings For Energy Efficiency In Jacksonville Beach

Condensation Resistance (CR) is a specific energy efficiency rating that lets you know how much moisture is likely to build up on your window. A rating of 1 is the worst rating, while a rating of 100 is the best. The higher the number, the more resistant the window is to condensation.

Professional window contractors provide windows with the best energy efficiency ratings and are transparent about those ratings. That’s one of the reasons it’s always beneficial to hire a professional rather than go the DIY route. So, don’t be afraid to ask for specific energy efficiency numbers.

Do Residential Window Replacements
Improve Energy Efficiency?

In the hot summer months in the St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach Area, a good type of condensation may form on your window glass. In the winter, this may also happen to let you know that there is a big difference in the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Condensation between window panes is the worst kind, which is what a window replacement is meant to reduce. If this condensation occurs, it means your window isn’t working properly. If left untreated, it can damage your walls and floors. At some point, the moisture may even seep into your subfloor and cause your foundation to rot.

Is There A Way To Prevent Condensation
In Residential Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are one of the only ways to solve many window problems, including excess moisture. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can help reduce condensation while you’re waiting for a window replacement.

  • Crack a window open when you cook
  • Move furniture away from walls by an inch or two
  • Turn off the humidifier and invest in a dehumidifier
  • Install a bathroom window that you crack open when you shower

Do you think window replacements may be the way to go? Call Jacksonville Doors and Windows today at (904) 503-0680 to receive a free quote in Jacksonville Beach! Let’s take care of your condensation issues together in a timely manner so you don’t have to let your problems go any longer. If you have condensation on your patio door glass, we can take care of that, too.

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