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When you’re searching for a superior company for your replacement windows and doors in St. Augustine Beach, you need an honest, straightforward contractor who’s going to listen to your needs and deliver the best quality.

No gimmicks, no tricks, no arm-twisting – just good, honest workmanship and lasting results.

Whether you’re looking for a new front door to help your home make a statement or energy-efficient windows to help you save money on your power bills, Jacksonville Doors & Windows has you covered. We offer stunning products from top brands such as Andersen, Pella, Simonton, PGT, Custom Window Systems, and more.

Our no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to customer service has made us among the most trusted in the St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach Area. Don’t compromise with your windows and doors – get the best from Jacksonville Doors & Windows today!

We Provide Superior Replacement Windows And Doors
For Homeowners Throughout St. Augustine Beach

Closeup of hand opening window, plant in foreground

Residential Window Replacement

Anyone in the St. Augustine Beach-Jacksonville Beach Area knows how extreme the weather can be. This means your home’s windows have to be sturdy enough to withstand torrential rains and hurricanes while also letting in all that gorgeous Florida sun without overheating.

At Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we have exactly what you need. We carry high-quality windows from all the top brands to ensure the highest quality and workmanship.

Pella Replacement Windows

Pella has long been synonymous with high quality and security. We offer extensive options that can be personalized to fit your home.

Andersen Replacement Windows

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and natural light with Andersen, one of the top brands in the nation for replacement windows. Enjoy all the natural Florida sun without the heat behind your beautiful new Andersen windows!

Simonton Replacement Windows

For premium vinyl replacement windows in the Jacksonville area, there’s nothing like the unmatched quality and beauty of Simonton. Cost-effective and beautiful, Simonton windows come in various colors and styles to match your St. Augustine Beach home perfectly.

PGT Replacement Windows

Severe weather is no stranger to the Jacksonville area, so make your house a stronghold with PGT impact-resistant windows. These durable yet gorgeous windows are resistant to high winds, rain, hail, and impacts from hurricane-level storms.

Make your St. Augustine Beach a stronghold with PGT windows.

Blue entry door with wreath against door with light blue siding and white trim

Entry Doors

Your entry door is your home’s first line of defense. We offer beautiful and durable entry doors for St. Augustine Beach homeowners. Choose from numerous styles and colors to find the perfect door to complement your home.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a popular option for entry doors in North Florida, and it’s easy to see why. Fiberglass is durable, secure, and highly customizable, perfect for creating the unique look that’ll make your home stand out.

Wood Doors

There’s nothing quite like the classic charm of a wood entry door. Whether you want it painted to match your home or varnished to highlight the natural wood grain, you can’t go wrong with our stunning wood doors at Jacksonville Doors & Windows.

Iron Doors

Nothing says security and sophistication more than iron doors. With class and regality to spare, you’ll give your home that unique, old-world touch with our iron doors.

Pivot Doors

For a uniquely modern style, add a pivot door to your home. These unique doors lend a luxury touch to your home while highlighting your home’s architecture.

Patio with white French doors and spacious windows

Patio Doors

The atmosphere of your backyard begins with your patio doors. Choose from attractive French patio doors, sliding patio doors, or bi-fold patio doors.

French Patio Doors

French doors are charming and whimsical while also practical for patios. When hosting large gatherings for family and friends, you don’t have to worry about getting furniture and food outside through a narrow door. French doors offer extra-wide doorways to open up your home and let the outdoors in.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are great in smaller homes, kitchens, or anywhere where you don’t have a lot of extra space. Sliding doors are perfect for making your home feel more spacious without taking up space.

Bi-Fold Patio Doors

When you have a large opening out to your patio, traditional sliding doors just won’t cut it. Bi-fold patio doors consist of high-quality panes of glass that fold like an accordion when open.

Ornate double entry door with glass details, sidelights, and transom

Custom Door Makeovers (Glass)

If you want to make your doors truly one-of-a-kind, you can’t go wrong with our custom door glass makeovers. We can give you door glass one of countless designs, whether you design it yourself or choose from one of our many styles.

Modern home with stone siding, spacious windows, and contemporary entry door at dusk

Jacksonville Doors & Windows: Delivering Quality,
Craftsmanship, And Customer Satisfaction
To St. Augustine Beach Homeowners

Adding Touches Of Luxury And
Strength To Your Home

Finding the right professionals for your replacement windows and doors in the St. Augustine Beach area is challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start. At Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we’ve been serving homeowners for years – and deliver consistent quality!

Zero Sales Pressure

Many homeowners want new doors and windows but balk at the idea of having salespeople come into their homes and pressure them into signing a contract.

You’ll never have to worry about this nonsense from Jacksonville Doors & Windows. Our work speaks for itself, and we strive to guide and educate our customers – not pressure them.

Experience-Driven Values

You love your home and work hard for your money, and we remember this every time we speak with a customer. We’re not just selling another door or window – we’re delivering an integral part of your home that you and your family will enjoy for years.

A Family-Based Culture

Our focused, specialized approach to windows and doors helps us treat every customer we meet with kindness and respect. Don’t go to a national franchise that treats you like a number – at Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we have the personal approach.

Our Personalized Process

Like every homeowner, every door or window project is unique. We listen to your needs and offer the best solutions that work for you and your home. It’s one of the reasons we’re known for our specialized, personalized service!

Reviews: Take A Look At What Our Customers In
The St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach Area
Have To Say About Our Services

Our Work Is Top-Notch, And We Have
The Feedback To Prove It

We wouldn’t be where we are without our customers, so we appreciate everything you have to say. We consistently earn 5-star reviews from our clients across multiple platforms. Just take a look at what some of them have to say about us!

Fintan R.

We truly believed in them, and they delivered as promised

I feel like it’s been tough to find a company that cares about their service, but not Jacksonville Doors And Windows. We went through several companies, and not only did we make the decision based on price and timeline, but we truly believed in them, and they delivered as promised. Thanks again, everyone.

Russ A.

Overall, we had a great experience with Jacksonville Doors And Windows

Overall, we had a great experience with Jacksonville Doors And Windows. They were professional, responsive, and had reasonable prices. Their turnaround time was 2-3 times better than other places we received quotes from for the French patio door. The end result is just amazing, we’re very pleased.

Candi C.

I’m so impressed with Jacksonville Doors and Windows!

I’m so impressed with Jacksonville Doors and Windows! They’re extremely knowledgeable about everything, doors and windows. They take the time to answer any and all questions while also giving a thorough explanation of what will look best in my home, be the most cost-effective, as well as energy efficient. I highly recommend!

FAQs: 5 Common Questions St. Augustine
Beach Homeowners Have About Our
Replacement Windows And Doors

Are You Fully Licensed & Insured To Work On My Home?

Yes and yes. We’re fully licensed, insured, and certified with all of the major brands within the window and door market. Then, when you combine our local experience, you’ll see why we’re the go-to for so many Northern Florida homeowners.

Do You Offer Free Quotes?

Absolutely, however, we don’t do same-day, in-home quotes. Instead, after our product specialist has some time to sit down with you, look at specifics, make choices, etc., they’ll take that data to our office. We’ll then look at everything and give you our most professional approach to getting the most value possible, for the best possible price. You’ll receive the quote in roughly 2 or 3 days at your home, so you can consider it without any pressure. After that, we’ll give you a courtesy call to ensure you got the quote. We don’t bother or spam people.

How Do You Ensure Your Installers Are The Best?

We aren’t going to make the claim that our window installers or the craftsmen who hand-build our entry doors (only a small number of people who can offer this in the state) are “the best” because that seems rather presumptuous. What we can say is that we take our approach of Full-Satisfaction Workmanship with utmost seriousness. Your project isn’t considered finished until every minor, fine detail is perfected.

How Experienced Is JD&W In Doors & Windows?

As we’re a close-knit team with a Family-Based Company Culture, we prefer to speak about our collective experience. Because when you combine it, meaning our installers, consultants, and executive staff, we’re talking about a LONG time. And not just anywhere, but here in our unique area of the country with its own unique set of codes and complexities other markets simply don’t have. Our founders alone have a half-century’s worth of experience.

What Are Your Prices For Door & Window Projects?

A reasonable question. But we work with such a wide spectrum of people here in the region that it’s impossible to say without knowing a few things. For example, if we’re talking windows, we’d need to know how many windows need to be replaced and what price range you’re looking for. Or, let’s say it’s a new French Patio Door; we’d need to know the size, material, and style you’re interested in. One thing we can assure you of, is we’re going to do our darndest to get you the most value for the best possible price.

What’s The Most Important Part Of Your Process?

We think it’s three things: first, our infinite knowledge of these products and how they work in our Northern Florida region. This relates to our ability to give local homeowners the best possible overall project prices without sacrificing the quality and value they want to invest in. And third, there’s our Zero Sales Pressure policy that puts our focus on solutions and people, not sales and revenue.

What’s Your Favorite Manufacturer, And Why?

We’re huge nerds for Pella. Our history with them goes back a ways. We know literally everything there is to know about them, from their replacement window lines to their residential front entry doors. If you have ANY questions about these products, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll gladly fill you in on all the benefits and features you’re curious about.

Take Your Home To The Next Level

At Jacksonville Doors And Windows, we offer customized patio doors, entry doors, door glass, and replacement windows of surpassing beauty and quality. Each custom unit is meticulously installed by professionals who know well the craftsmanship required to withstand the Northern Florida climate. Call today for your free consultation.


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