Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lots of options with pivot doors?

Not as many options and features as you see with products like Fiberglass Entry Door Systems, for example, or even Replacement Window Systems. Pivot doors are made of aluminum, have a smaller subset of different glass options, and come in a series of different core finishes and configurations. We can help you understand each. Are custom colors and configurations available? Yes.

Are You Fully Licensed & Insured To Work On My Home?

Yes and yes. We’re fully licensed, insured, and certified with all of the major brands within the window and door market. Then, when you combine our local experience, you’ll see why we’re the go-to for so many Northern Florida homeowners.

Are your bi-folding patio doors high-maintenance?

No. Of course, we’ll be your long-term partner to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. Otherwise, all they require is cleaning when the glass or frames get dirty over time. You can approach cleaning the glass and frames the exact same way you would clean your windows.

Are your fiberglass entry doors Florida Building Code approved?

You bet. That’s one of the big perks of working with us. We’re your local specialists. We’ve been working in this specific region of Florida for decades and understand all the many intricacies involved. Folks don’t often understand that we happen to live in one of the most complex markets in the country when it comes to local codes, rules, and regulations.

Are your hinge wood entry doors hurricane impact approved?

Yes, we can ensure your wood entry door is hurricane-impact approved, although there may be certain restrictions in some cases, like maximum sizes. In fact, we can install doors that exceed Florida’s most rigorous testing standards. We aren’t going to put our name on it unless it’s compliant with HVHZ and guarantees your safety and security.

Can I choose between left vs right venting?

Absolutely. Basically, when it comes to Replacement Windows, residential front entry doors, or patio doors (not to mention door glass makeovers), there’s almost nothing we can’t do. And if you don’t know what venting means in this context, it means the slide can open from left to right (right venting), or right to left (left venting). 

Can I get a retractable screen for my sliding patio door?

You bet. In our area of the country, retractable screens that roll from one side to the other across the area are increasingly common. For example, we help homeowners get the best patio door solutions from Pella, who have screens available for all their biggest lines like Pella Reserve Traditional and Contemporary.

Can I get my bi-fold doors to open inwards?

Sure, they can be configured and manufactured to open either inwards or outwards. It’s mainly preferential. Do you want the folded doors to sit inside the home and take up a little space when opened, or do you want them to sit outside when opened?

Can I replace a regular set of doors with a pivot door

Generally speaking, yes. It comes down to the size and constraints of the opening in question. We need proper clearances so your pivot door will operate as it should. If you’d like a more direct answer, please reach out and contact us or stop by our showroom.

Can my pivot doors come with impact glass?

Yes, the two basic options for glass are laminated impact glass and laminated insulating impact glass. Low-E glass is available. As always, your JD&W specialist will walk you through the differences and benefits and help you understand which is the best option for your unique circumstances.

Can the French patio door you manufacture be painted or stained?

You bet. As mentioned above, not only can we paint and stain the French patio doors we manufacture ourselves, but you can get blinds between glass, grids, etc. We’ll work with you to get the EXACT right door to fit the space, your design goals, and your budget. The blinds are popular because they add privacy and block out some of the ultra-bright sunlight we get here in the Northern Florida region.

Can you do any design I want with the new glass?

We can do VIRTUALLY any design because, honestly, some folks approach us with really wild ideas from time to time that are simply not doable. At least, not for us. We do more refined work. That’s not to say we don’t take on more creative projects. For example, we had a woman who wanted us to design something new that looked like a tattoo on her husband’s arm, and we managed to make that happen.

Can you help me find the picture-perfect match for my needs?

Absolutely. Frankly speaking, we can do anything and we’ll get you the picture-perfect window solution for your home, tastes, and budget. Once you sit down and meet with your JD&W consultant, they’ll walk you through the options and help you find something that works seamlessly.

Do I have to get hurricane impact glass for my Northern Florida home?

It really depends on where your home is located. The closer you are to the coast, the better of an idea it becomes. What’s important is that Jacksonville Doors & Windows is NOT going to sell you something you don’t need. Period. Many variables go into securing your home from hurricanes, including your garage door or front door. If those aren’t properly upgraded, “hurricane windows” won’t matter. They’re just security glass. Your JD&W consultant will get all the information on your home and give you a very specific, detailed answer to this question.

Do you have a showroom, so I can come to see them myself?

Absolutely. It’s located at 8640 Philips Highway in Jacksonville. Our showroom is currently about 2000 square feet, with plenty of entry door models to come and inspect. We’ve also got computers you can use to browse endless styles of things like glass, or you can chat with our in-house product specialist (don’t worry, they aren’t salespeople).

Do You Offer Free Quotes?

Absolutely, however, we don’t do same-day, in-home quotes. Instead, after our product specialist has some time to sit down with you, look at specifics, make choices, etc., they’ll take that data to our office. We’ll then look at everything and give you our most professional approach to getting the most value possible, for the best possible price. You’ll receive the quote in roughly 2 or 3 days at your home, so you can consider it without any pressure. After that, we’ll give you a courtesy call to ensure you got the quote. We don’t bother or spam people.

Do you only sell and install Pella windows?

No. While we’re HUGE Pella nerds and know everything about their window lines (did you know they have over 1 billion options when you include all their custom colors?), we also have relationships with Andersen, Simonton, and PGT Windows as well. This is why we can guarantee you we’ll be able to get you either the exact window you want or the best possible window for your budget, tastes, and the needs of your home.

Do you provide free quotes on pivot doors?

Yes, we provide free quotes in most circumstances. Some services, like, for example, our Decorative Door Glass Makeovers, don’t have at-home consultations. When necessary, it gives us the ability to sit down with you, go over the options, help you make choices on products, features, and accessories, and figure out a solid price. We don’t do same-day, in-home quotes. It takes us a couple of days to put the information together.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, but that being said, we don’t do the conventional same-day, in-home quote thing. Why? Because the door systems we help folks create are more complex, custom and personalized, rather than generic pre-made systems, we can easily point at and say, “This costs X amount.” Once we’ve defined all the variables and priced them out to give you the most value possible, we’ll send a quote a couple of work days later that’s detailed and polished.

How do you ensure the installation will be spot on?

In many of the same ways we guarantee the craftsmen building our fiberglass doors by hand are talented, experienced individuals. Our installers specialize in these projects. We aren’t the typical ‘do everything’ kind of Northern Florida contractors. We’re not general exterior remodelers. We specialize in very specific products within the local windows and doors market.

How Do You Ensure Your Installers Are The Best?

We aren’t going to make the claim that our window installers or the craftsmen who hand-build our entry doors (only a small number of people who can offer this in the state) are “the best” because that seems rather presumptuous. What we can say is that we take our approach of Full-Satisfaction Workmanship with utmost seriousness. Your project isn’t considered finished until every minor, fine detail is perfected.

How expensive are Pella windows through Jacksonville Doors And Windows?

The short answer we tend to give folks is that “We pride ourselves on being able to provide a perfect window solution (highest value) for every budget.” To use some crude numbers, we can provide $300 vinyl windows from Pella or $3000 vinyl windows. Honestly, we can do anything. We have the ability, knowledge, and industry relationships to get any window you want.

How Experienced Is JD&W In Doors & Windows?

As we’re a close-knit team with a Family-Based Company Culture, we prefer to speak about our collective experience. Because when you combine it, meaning our installers, consultants, and executive staff, we’re talking about a LONG time. And not just anywhere, but here in our unique area of the country with its own unique set of codes and complexities other markets simply don’t have. Our founders alone have a half-century’s worth of experience.

How long has Andersen been in business?

Andersen was founded as a lumber company in 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen in Hudson, Wisconsin. Where logs arrived via the St. Croix River, this company found a niche making window frames. While it’s not a private family-owned company like Pella, they’re a well-known American brand with a rich history. 

How long has PGT Windows been in business?

The company was founded in 1980, and over the last 40+ years, the company’s really made a name for itself, especially here in Northern Florida (they started selling their first vinyl products out of Venice). Then, about seven years later, they expanded to begin manufacturing windows. 

How long has Simonton been in business?

While Simonton hasn’t been around, say, as long as Pella or Andersen (being founded in 1946 in West Virginia), the company’s made a name for itself that people know and trust concerning their premium vinyl windows.

How long should I expect my bi-fold patio doors to last?

As mentioned above, the material you choose and the quality of the product will do the lion’s share of determining the lifespan of your door. And these products are similar to most other home improvements in that all-wood will last the shortest (especially if not properly maintained). Even if maintained, they’ll have a hard time competing with our all-aluminum models that should last 45-50 years minimum.

How much is my aluminum bi-fold patio door going to cost?

First and foremost, the caliber and quality of doors we work with are not considered cheap or low-quality by any stretch of the imagination. That said, the added cost over less expensive materials is realized in value: quality, strength, longevity, and security (commonly referred to as the safest type of patio door in the industry).

How much will my custom iron entry door system cost?

If we were talking about generic products, we could toss out a ballpark estimate, but that’s not what we deliver for folks in this region. The cost will depend on a large assortment of variables you’ll choose and iron out (forgive the pun) with your JD&W product specialist. Rest assured, there won’t be any surprises or pricing games. We thrive on honesty and transparency.

I’m unsure what I want. Will you help me decide on a configuration?

That’s no problem. It’s quite common for folks only to have a very rough idea of what they want in a new entryway. Oftentimes it’s, “I need a new door, and all I know is I THINK I want it to be wood.” When we have a chance to talk through this with you, you’ll notice we aren’t in a hurry. Our specialist will fill in all your gaps in understanding and ensure you know what you’re getting with a wood entry door and why. From there, they’ll dive into the details and walk you through every point as much as you need them to. We don’t like surprises any more than you do.

Is a sliding patio door more efficient than a French patio door?

These days, due to the complexity of the products we’re talking about, the answer is…it depends. Both French Patio Doors and sliding glass doors can be very efficient, depending on a) the quality of the products and b) the quality of your installation. Both can meet or exceed Energy Star standards in Northern Florida and be made of premium materials. For example, we manufacture our own fiberglass French patio doors (few contractors do this) to the highest standards.

Isn’t Pella just a place to go for expensive wood windows?

While it’s true that Pella isn’t where most folks go if they want really inexpensive (lower-quality) windows, they have lines of vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad wood windows.

What are the main benefits of fiberglass entry door systems?

The fiberglass doors we custom build are designed to last and solve the core issues you run into with traditional wood (warping, rotting, fading, etc.) or even heavy steel doors (denting, limited style, less energy efficient, etc.). You won’t have to worry about headaches like weather damage and tons of maintenance, either, but they look absolutely stunning.

What are the most common benefits of a new sliding glass patio door?

For most of the homeowners we work with, it’s often about increasing energy efficiency, increasing natural light, and improving overall views.

What are the most important factors to consider with French patio doors?

This is a great question. Without getting too deep into the weeds here, the basics revolve around materials (fiberglass vs. vinyl vs. wood, etc.), overall design elements like glass/window type, performance (like security and energy efficiency), and overall functionality. And let’s not forget pricing, or, in other words, value!

What Are Your Prices For Door & Window Projects?

A reasonable question. But we work with such a wide spectrum of people here in the region that it’s impossible to say without knowing a few things. For example, if we’re talking windows, we’d need to know how many windows need to be replaced and what price range you’re looking for. Or, let’s say it’s a new French Patio Door; we’d need to know the size, material, and style you’re interested in. One thing we can assure you of, is we’re going to do our darndest to get you the most value for the best possible price.

What exterior colors does Simonton offer on their windows?

Simonton offers white, black, and brown exterior colors on their vinyl windows.

What is included in an entry door glass makeover?

Basically, we’re coming in and either cutting a hole for new glass inserts or replacing what’s currently there with something fresh and new that might add more light, or add more privacy, a more vibrant design, etc. Nothing else in the door system is touched, which is why only the glass is under our workmanship warranty.

What is the most common glass design here in Northern Florida?

This is a tough one, but we’d say it’s Pimbrook from Frank Loyd Right, otherwise known as Prairie Style. This lands between traditional and modern design, which most would think of as contemporary or even early contemporary. It’s gorgeous, refined, and textured.

What kind of pricing am I looking at for a door glass makeover?

It’s going to be far less expensive than purchasing a new door system. In some cases, that might be preferable. For most of our customers, though, all the other benefits involved in these systems, like improved energy efficiency and increased home value, is the focus.

What kind of products do you usually install from PGT windows?

Frankly speaking, most of the windows we sell either come from Pella, Anderson or Simonton. One specific thing we turn to them for are VERY large sliding and stacking vinyl doors, as well as impact windows. Something else that sets them apart is their wide variety of colors and extensive line of Miami-Dade-rated products.

What separates Simonton from your other major manufacturers?

Simply put – Simonton can do things other major manufacturers can’t. For example, Simonton is the only company that can offer you a lifetime glass breakage warranty (an upgrade at additional cost). Or, let’s say we’re replacing all your windows with Pella, but there’s one arched window they just don’t make a window for. Well, we can get it from Simonton. They have more customization than others.

What’s something unique about Pella most folks aren’t aware of?

Great question. Pella has the only windows (Lifestyle Series) with blinds between the glass that are accessible to the homeowner. As in, Pella is the company with the actual patent on what makes it so you can get to your blinds. This allows you to open the window and switch out the blind colors or switch to a shade.

What’s the best material for a French patio door?

In our opinion, when you consider all the variables involved, it’s got to be fiberglass, which is why we manufacture our own fiberglass patio doors (very few door and window contractors do this). That said, even if you opt for a Pella fiberglass patio door, it will be roughly 10x stronger than popular wood/composite products. When you combine the material construction benefits with security features, you feel safe and secure behind those doors.

What’s the best material for my bi-folding patio door?

At JD&W, our bi-folding patio doors are all aluminum, but they can also come in all wood or aluminum-clad wood. These material differences impact everything from your overall project pricing to more basic things like durability, longevity, and home security. For example, if you’re really close to the ocean, you might reconsider a less expensive all-wood bi-folding patio door because of the expansion and contraction issues (high-end models compensate for this through design features). At the end of the day, our aluminum doors are arguably ideal.

What’s the ideal patio door material around Jacksonville Metro?

We’d argue fiberglass, but there are elite-caliber products in all core material categories: fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. That said, our focus is on what works best for your unique situation, including your exact location, your design goals, as well as your budget. We want you to get the absolute most value at the best possible price.

What’s the main feature difference between French and sliding patio doors?

For our customers, it’s more of an aesthetic choice. With French patio doors, you’ve got a hinged movement rather than Sliding Patio Doors or even folding like with our Bi-Folding Patio Doors. While those options may be graceful, there’s a certain elegance with French doors. A traditional vibe, if you will, vs. the more contemporary touch of larger panes of glass.

What’s The Most Important Part Of Your Process?

We think it’s three things: first, our infinite knowledge of these products and how they work in our Northern Florida region. This relates to our ability to give local homeowners the best possible overall project prices without sacrificing the quality and value they want to invest in. And third, there’s our Zero Sales Pressure policy that puts our focus on solutions and people, not sales and revenue.

What’s Your Favorite Manufacturer, And Why?

We’re huge nerds for Pella. Our history with them goes back a ways. We know literally everything there is to know about them, from their replacement window lines to their residential front entry doors. If you have ANY questions about these products, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll gladly fill you in on all the benefits and features you’re curious about.

When is it appropriate to get a glass makeover instead of a door replacement?

Generally speaking, when the door is in great shape as is and provides all the value you and your home need. On the flip side, we may come to find out that your current does simply isn’t going to cut it for the new glass inserts or design you’re looking for.

When Was Pella Started? Is It Still A Family-Owned Company?

Pella has been around for a good while, officially founded in 1925. And what's more, they’re still a private family-owned company. This means they aren’t beholden to the whims of corporate boards or really anything that isn’t focused on people. Their rich history and the fact they’re privately run is a source of security for many of the Northern Florida families we work with. Pella isn’t going anywhere, and their lifetime warranties are rock solid. 

Where do Andersen windows fall in terms of local market pricing?

We can sell Andersen Fibrex at an affordable rate that’s likely going to be lower than other local contractors that try and gouge their bids. Many of these salespeople are paid off of net profit, and this pricing model causes them to do things we simply don’t agree with. What Jacksonville Doors & Windows can get you is the most cost-effective overall project price. We can fit Fibrex products into your budget better than anyone else can. 

Where do the prices for PGT windows typically fall in Northern Florida

Their windows tend to be right on par with or comparable to Pella or Simonton.

Where do your prices for new wood entry door systems tend to fall?

Honestly, there are virtually endless options when it comes to the caliber of entry door systems we can create, whether we’re talking wood or something like Fiberglass Entry Doors. And because of such a huge variety from one system to the next, there’s no quality answer here. When you speak with our specialist, they’ll walk you through not just the details but the costs as well. Transparency, honesty, and fact-based reasoning are essential to our process!

Where do your prices typically fall for your fiberglass entry doors?

Because we’re capable of building virtually any kind of door in almost any size or style, we can fit just about anyone’s needs. As we like to say, we can build a door for any budget. If you want a very expensive, elaborate, ornamented fiberglass door system with all the bells and whistles, we can do that. On the other hand, if you want something less expensive and simple but elegant, we can do that too.

Where does the price for Simonton windows fall in Northern Florida?

Generally speaking, they’re on par with or comparable to Pella. That said, they do have more cost-effective options, for example, with impact glass for hurricane regions.

Where will my pivot doors be made or come from?

Once your pivot door system has been designed, it will be manufactured here in the good old US of A and be AAMA, ASTM, Miami-Dade, and TDI approved.

Which is better, Pella or Andersen?

This is a tough one because we install both windows. Is Pella the right fit for every project? No. Of course, neither is Andersen. One major difference between the two, however, has to do with their warranty coverage. While Pella offers LIFETIME coverage, Andersen offers 10 years.

Why is Fibrex such a popular vinyl window alternative?

Fibrex is a unique material made exclusively by the Andersen company. Essentially, they decided to innovate and create a material that provided MORE. More strength (x2). More durability. And more resistance to the decay, cracking, and warping you see in cheaper, thinner vinyl windows. It’s designed to last decades, even amidst the more extreme weather we can experience here in the Northern Florida region. 

Why should I choose JD&W to install PGT products?

While we aren’t going to claim we’re the best, we believe our experience in the Florida market is important. This market is unlike any other in the country because of our codes, wind speeds, water infiltration standards, etc. Plus, without the right knowledge and use of the right materials, you lose most of the benefits of these products. Without precise, detailed, knowledgeable installations, you’ll see bad operation, less energy efficiency, less performance, and more.

Why should I choose you to install Andersen windows in my home?

While we aren’t going to claim we’re the best, we believe our experience in the Florida market is important. This market is unlike any other in the country because of our codes, wind speeds, water infiltration standards, etc. Plus, without the right knowledge and use of the right materials, you lose most of the benefits of these products. Without precise, detailed, knowledgeable installations, you’ll see bad operation, less energy efficiency, less performance, and more.

Why shouldn’t I just get a steel entry door system? What’s the difference?

First, the difference is pretty simple. Iron is a natural element from which steel – an alloy – is made. In a very basic sense, you take iron ore, mix in some other ingredients, refine it, and you get steel. Iron is easier to produce and cast into adornments or other door products as well. And finally, it has a certain look that people have loved for a very long time, like wood. 

Will my French patio doors be energy efficient?

Of course. While these may be a classic design, both the French patio doors we manufacture, and the ones we help local homeowners get from industry-best manufacturers, are MODERN products. They are designed for both performance and efficiency from top to bottom. Your JD&W consultant will be happy to explain this part of the equation and everything that goes into it in detail. There are plenty of benefits to explore.

Will my iron door system be properly rated for Florida hurricanes?

For folks who want hurricane-rated iron entry door systems, we can help. We’ll ensure the products have been tested for HVHZ – high-velocity hurricane zones. JD&W specialists know the region well, including the complex web of building codes involved (some of the most complex in the nation because we get some of the greatest wind speeds here).

Will you give me a free estimate or quote I can depend on?

While we do provide free quotes on entry door projects, we’ll need a couple of working days to assemble your choices, price everything for the most value possible, and put together a detailed professional quote you can consider in the privacy of your home. Then you can contact us with questions, concerns, changes, etc., and we’ll decide together whether to move forward.

Will you tell me if a wooden entry door is right for me?

Our specialists will bend over backward to give you as much information as you can handle. Some folks find that they’re really just interested in the LOOK of wood entry doors but not so fond of the maintenance they require. Or, perhaps the color or finish they want isn’t going to go well with a south-facing wood door. In these cases, we can also show you our Fiberglass Entry Doors that look exactly like wood but come without the challenges of natural wood.

You offer a comprehensive, turn-key service, correct?

Yes, we are not just door installers. We’re Replacement Window and entry door specialists that help you design the system, have it custom manufactured for you, and then install the system with absolute precision down to the finest detail. Afterward, you can count on us and our workmanship warranty over the long haul.

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