What Glass Works For Entry Doors?

What Kind Of Glass Is Good For Entry Doors
For Homes In St. Augustine, FL?

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Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a front door. Many types are available, including steel doors, sliders, and French doors. The latter features one or more windows to permit occupants to see who is calling before they answer the door. These are a terrific choice for both convenience and security.

However, if you choose a custom door makeover in St. Augustine, FL, you might wonder how to choose the right decorative door glass. It is a crucial decision because the front door is a key entry point for both occupants and intruders. The information below will help you make the best decision for your home and family.

Consider The Security Of Your St. Augustine Home

For most people, the security of their home is of primary importance. For this reason, you may wish to consider tempered glass for your custom door makeover. Tempered glass, also called ‘annealed glass,’ undergoes an intense heating and cooling treatment that alters the physical and chemical properties of the material.

Tempering hardens and strengthens the glass, making it up to 4 times more difficult to break. The process compresses the glass and increases its tension. In addition to making the material more difficult to break, it also ensures that if it does break, it shatters into smaller-than-usual fragments with smoother edges.

This type of fracture is far less dangerous than traditional glass, which shatters into large, sharp shards.

Some tempered glass manufacturers even laminate layers of annealed glass with a translucent film between them. This strengthens the door glass even further and enables it to better withstand impacts, high winds, and other possible threats.

Consider How Much Sunlight Jacksonville Receives

One of the benefits of a custom door makeover is that you can determine how much sunlight your entry door permits. Natural light—or sunlight—offers numerous benefits. For instance, it helps boost the body’s Vitamin D production. It wards off seasonal depression. It helps you sleep better, and reduces health risks like eye strain and stress.

A properly-designed entry door can allow plenty of natural light so that you can enjoy these advantages. However, St. Augustine, FL and the greater Jacksonville area receive a lot of sunlight all year long. You may not wish for a house flooded with light, especially during summer. Consider this when selecting the amount of door glass.

Your custom door makeover should provide both convenience and utility.

Consider Your St. Augustine, FL Home’s Privacy

Another type of glass to consider for your St. Augustine, FL entry door is ‘privacy glass.’ This comes in various styles. Below are some of the most common:

  • Frosted or etched glass – This has a matte finish that looks like frost. It reduces visibility but also permits light to pass through it.
  • Obscure glass – This is often tempered and features a blurred, distorted appearance.
  • Medium privacy glass – This obscures objects but lets occupants discern light and shapes.
  • Rain glass – This features a textured surface that resembles streaks of rain to reduce visibility.
  • Sandblasted glass – This type has a rough surface that appears frosted and boosts indoor privacy.

Any of these is a good choice to prevent neighbors and visitors from seeing inside the home, which increases your privacy and perceived security.

Consider Your St. Augustine, FL Home’s Curb Appeal

Finally, when you undertake a custom door makeover, choose a type of glass for your entry door that boosts your home’s appearance from the curb. Whether you select frosted, etched, textured, or sandblasted glass, ensure it matches the rest of the house’s exterior. It should complement the trim, siding, garage door, and ornamentation.

Among the most attractive types of door glass, beveled glass features an angled edge around its border and, sometimes, beveled decorations in the center of the pane. It is often paired with other types or styles, such as frosted or obscure glass, to create intricate patterns, whorls, and designs. The combinations are endless and gorgeous.

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