Problems That Can Arise From Completing Your Own Residential Door Replacement In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Problems That Can Arise From Completing Your Own Residential Door Replacement In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Why Installing Custom Entry Doors Is Best Left To The Professionals

Considering a residential door replacement for your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home? The entryway is one of the first things guests will notice about your home, allowing you to make a great impression. Choosing the right door can make a world of difference to your home’s overall aesthetic value.

While many homeowners like the idea of saving money on home improvement costs by taking on DIY projects, it may not be the best option for a new entry door. While professionals make the job seem effortless, you must keep in mind they’re trained and highly skilled because hanging custom entry doors is no small feat.

We’ll explore the common problems that can arise when you complete your own entry door installation. Read on to learn why this task is best left to the pros.

Lack Of Proper Tools For A Proper Residential Front Door Replacement

Many DIYers are under the misconception that hanging a new entry door only requires a few tools to complete the project. However, it requires a lot more than a screwdriver and a level.

Professional residential door replacement companies use specialized tools you likely won’t have. This will result in added time on your project as you run back and forth to the hardware store to buy expensive equipment you may never use again.

Not Enough Time Or Help To Complete Your Residential Door Replacement

If you didn’t know, doors come in two options – pre-hung and slab doors. Slab doors are exactly what they sound like – a solid slab of material. There are no holes for the fixtures and no hardware attached. You’ll need the tools and knowledge to prepare the door for hanging.

A pre-hung door has all the fixtures and hardware in place and is ready for installation. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to install. Pre-hung doors are heavy, requiring you to have assistance holding them in place as you hang them in their frames.

You Risk Injuring Yourself Or Damaging Your Custom Entry Door

When you attempt to install your own entry door at your Jacksonville area home, you risk personal injury. Even if you have someone to help you support the heavy door during installation, there is still the potential for accidents to happen.

Additionally, because the door will be heavy and awkward to handle, you could significantly damage it. Custom entry doors are a significant investment in your home, and not knowing how to properly handle them can lead to scrapes, dings, and other unsightly marks that ruin the overall appearance.

Underlying Damage In Your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Home’s Entryway Could Be Overlooked

Professional door replacement companies know what to look for concerning underlying damage during installations. When you complete a DIY project, you may not recognize repairs that must be completed–which can include wood rot and mold.

When these problems are not repaired before a new door is installed, it can lead to significant problems. This often results in the need to completely remove and replace the newly installed door.

Your Residential Replacement Door May Not Be As Secure As You Need It To Be

Your entry door is a physical barrier between you and potential intruders. If it’s not correctly installed, it poses a security risk, putting your family in danger. To function correctly, it must be securely attached to your home’s physical structure.

Many DIY installers aren’t well-versed in this process, which makes their doors less secure than if a professional had completed the installation. Trusting a company with a strong history of delivering quality installations is in your best interest to get the security you need.

Your Jacksonville Area Home’s Door May Not Be Level

Another critical aspect of entry door installations is ensuring the door is level. When it’s not, it can cause severe misalignments. This leads to problems with opening and closing the door, engaging the locking mechanism, decreasing energy efficiency, and gapping (aka allowing bugs to enter your home!).

Turn To Jacksonville Doors & Windows For A Precise Residential Door Replacement In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Don’t take a risk with your residential door replacement – turn to the pros in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. At Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we have a dedicated team of factory-trained professionals that delivers exceptional results on every installation.

We ensure a smooth process, from helping you choose the right door to delivering a perfect entryway. You can trust our company to deliver a high-quality experience every time.

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