Guide To Replacement Window Styles For Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Homes

Guide To Replacement Window Styles For Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Homes

Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Best Window Style For Your Home

There’s a lot you can do for your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, home with a residential window replacement. But first, you need to choose the ideal style for your home and preferences. With so many to choose from, the task can be quite daunting. Knowing what each style looks like and how it functions is essential to making this important decision.

At Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we offer all the most popular residential replacement windows. To help you make an informed decision on your selection, we’ve created this guide to break down each style, providing all the information about what sets each one apart from the rest. Read on for the ultimate guide to replacement window styles.

Single-Hung Windows

From a distance, single-hung windows can easily be confused with double-hung windows. However, this style’s defining characteristic is its fixed upper sash. These windows are popular throughout the United States but are more commonly found in coastal communities or areas that experience high winds.

Because only the bottom sash is operable, it’s believed that these windows are less susceptible to air leaks or infiltration. These windows can be more challenging to clean than their double-hung cousins, but they are traditionally more cost-effective options for replacement projects.

Double-Hung Windows

Our double-hung windows are among the most popular Pella replacement windows. They offer a classic look often found throughout the country – even more so than single-hung windows. This style is prized for its unique tilt-in feature for both sashes, making it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, because both sashes are operational, you can open one or both to allow airflow into your home. The investment may be a little more than the average single-hung option, but the return on ease of maintenance is well worth it.

Casement Windows

Taking a different approach, you can choose casement windows, which are hinged with sashes that open all the way out. Depending on the installation, It can open to the left or right. The sash will lock against the frame when fully closed to create an airtight seal.

The ideal location for installing these windows is generally hard-to-reach places where a traditional up-and-down sash would be challenging to operate. A great example is over your kitchen sink. Alternatively, many prefer this style of window in the bathroom.

Awning Windows

Similar in style to casement windows, awning windows also have a hinge and swing outward. However, these windows are hung horizontally and open outward from the bottom. This allows greater protection from the rain while still encouraging ventilation.

These windows are often placed higher up on the wall for greater privacy or combined with large stationary windows to provide a more incredible view of the outside.

Sliding Windows

Much like a sliding patio door, sliding windows open by sliding from side to side. These are also an excellent choice for spaces you cannot easily reach a single- or double-hung window.

One fantastic feature of these windows is the breathtaking views they can provide. They are often wider than tall, providing clear, unobstructed views. In addition, this allows for excellent airflow during the nicer days when you want fresh air circulating through your St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach area home.

Picture Windows

Often used to make a bold statement, picture windows are entirely stationary. They combine well with casement and awning windows to create the perfect views with added ventilation. If you’re looking for a way to increase the natural lighting in your home, this combination could be the perfect solution to your needs.

What’s ideal about this type of window is that it has no rails to obstruct your view of the outside, letting in as much light as possible. It also provides an airtight seal, preventing leaks and air infiltration.

Bay Or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows tend to be grouped together due to their similarities. However, they are distinctly different in a few key ways.

First, bay windows comprise a central picture window flanked by a pair of narrow windows. These additional windows are generally one of three styles: casements, double-hungs, or additional pictures. The total effect is a boxy appearance.

Second, bow windows consist of three or more vertical windows or panels of the same size. This style creates a bowed appearance on the exterior of your home.

Curve Top Windows

A curve top window can add significant interest to your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, home. The contrast between the soft edges of this style and the hard edges of traditional rectangular windows creates an effect that translates to the exterior and interior of the house.

While these windows are commonly used with Old World, traditional architectural designs, they can accent any style of home to create a point of classic character.

Monumental-Hung Windows

If you like the idea of a single- or double-hung window but want something even bigger, consider the monumental-hung window style. Our supplier, Pella, offers this style in attractive wood options that look amazing when installed. It is regarded as the largest window of its design on the market.

Corner Windows

Corner windows are installed on the corner of a building and consist of two stationary sashes, one on each side of the corner. To accommodate this style of window, your home must be able to withstand having this large opening with no structural support in the corner.

Overall, it creates a stunning effect with a clean and modern aesthetic. You can create a wall-to-wall panoramic viewing experience.

Custom Windows

If none of these styles meet your needs, there is always the option to choose custom windows for your St. Augustine-Jacksonville Beach area home. Custom windows are specifically designed to meet the needs of your home and match your preferences and tastes. They are made to order and can be created with nearly any design, shape, or size.

Choose Jacksonville Doors & Windows For The Best Residential Replacement Windows In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

When you need a residential window replacement for your Ponte Vedra, FL, turn to a company with all the options. Here at Jacksonville Doors & Windows, we’ve taken the time to find all the best products to provide fantastic solutions to all your project needs.

We have a strong relationship with the Pella Window and Door Company, ensuring you’ll get only the highest quality windows in all popular styles. Our team is ready to create the perfect design.

Call Jacksonville Doors & Windows today at (904) 503-0680 to schedule your quote.

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