Seven Signs It’s Time To Replace Your St Johns, FL Patio Doors

Seven Signs It’s Time To Replace Your St. Johns, FL Patio Doors

Are Your Well-Worn Patio Doors Costing You Money?

Have you wondered if it’s time to replace your patio doors in St. Johns, FL? Maybe your patio doors are not functioning as well as they used to. Did you know that run-down patio doors can actually cost you money? 

Patio doors are wonderful for making your home look more spacious and open. They also allow natural light to come pouring into your family’s space. But it is important to make sure that is all they are letting in. 

Over time, the functionality and appearance of patio sliding doors can deteriorate, and the wear and tear can take its toll. You can save yourself a lot of headaches and future problems by planning a patio door replacement.

You might decide to change out your current sliding glass patio doors simply because you want a different style. But replacing your patio doors may be more than the latest trend – it could also be about security or energy efficiency. It could also be because your current doors are simply worn out.

If you are unsure whether you’re ready to find a new sliding door for your patio, look over this checklist. Here are several ways to tell when to invest in new glass patio doors.

1. The Patio Doors Have Become Difficult To Open And Close

If you have to fight the doors to get them to slide open and shut, it is likely time to replace them. The mechanisms inside your door have worn down, causing the door to “stick” when you attempt to operate it. Not only is this an aggravation to deal with, but it can also be dangerous in the case of an emergency if you can’t get out.

2. You Feel Drafts Around Your Patio Doors

If you and your family feel air leaking around the edges of your patio doors when you sit near them, they may need replacing. This could mean the seal around them has broken down, and your home is not adequately insulated against the elements. It also means that your patio doors leak money through heating and cooling costs.

3. Your Patio Doors Have Water Damage And Signs Of Leaking

There are many ways this could cost you. Water damage and having water leak into your door frame can cause rot, leading to structural issues. This also opens the door for mold to come in, as well as bacteria, etc. The longer you wait to replace a door with water leaking, the more it can cost you in the long run.

4. Condensation Inside Of The Glass Panes Of Your Sliding Patio Doors

Have you noticed the glass inside your sliding patio doors fogging? Condensation inside between the glass panes of your patio doors is another sign that the seal is broken. You can end the mold risk, increased heating and cooling costs, and fogged-up windows if you get new custom patio doors.

5. The Doors On Your St. Johns Home Are Out Of Style

While appearance may not be the only reason to change your patio doors, it plays a huge role. You may have recently remodeled, and your French doors or sliding doors no longer match the rest of the house. Many styles, colors, and textures are available to help you find the perfect match.

6. You No Longer Feel The Patio Doors Keep You Safe

If your home has thin or worn patio doors, you may no longer feel safe. This is especially true if your locks have been compromised or the glass is cracking. Outdoor patio options feature reinforced glass and secure safety locks to give your family added security, so you can feel safe at home again.

7. Outdoor Noise Is Loud Inside Your St. Johns, FL Home

Your custom patio doors should offer enough noise insulation that you can’t easily hear a conversation happening on the other side. You can enjoy a more peaceful environment if you invest in patio doors that close out the noise from the world outside when you go inside. No one wants to hear the cars passing by while they are relaxing.

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