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Are you a homeowner living in the Northern Florida area and looking to enjoy the luxurious benefits of a quality aluminum bi-folding patio door? Our seasoned product specialist will happily walk you through the features and advantages of these strong, high-value, high-performance doors that will dramatically enhance the aesthetic of your home.

If you’re unfamiliar, rather than a regular sliding or hinged door that swings open, bi-folding patio doors feature extensive glass panels that basically fold up like an accordion either inside or outside the home. So, while we do install them in smaller spaces, most of these projects involve larger, more extensive openings.

That said, with these bi-fold door systems (as with most others), proper installation techniques ENSURE they last, continue performing as they should with smooth operation, and you get to enjoy them fully.

You can learn more about the benefits below, or, if you’d prefer to speak with one of our specialists directly, reach out and call us or use our simple Contact Us form.

The Benefits Of An Aluminum Bi-Folding Patio Door

Expansive Views & Blended Indoor/Outdoor Living

  • Increased Design Flexibility: When compared to traditional Sliding Patio Doors, you have more flexibility in terms of width, custom leaves, how they fold, and more.
  • Increased Safety & Security: These patio doors aren’t just intimidating to intruders; they’re built for security with multi-locking systems, high-security hinges, and more.
  • Increased Natural Light: Want to flood an area with beautiful Northern Florida sunshine and natural light completely? Large bi-folding patio doors will do just that and then some.
  • Undisturbed Natural Flow: Because you can retract them and entirely open a space with no doors to move through, the flow is as natural and undisturbed as possible.
  • Seamless Outside/Inside Living: With the doors open, it actually feels like the inside and outside are connected, making the area seem much larger. It’s a liberating feeling.

Why Choose JD&W For Your Project

Unparalleled Quality, Service & Value At Unbeatable Prices

Experience-Driven Core Values

Respect | Integrity | Accountability | Reliability | Trustworthiness

Investing in a premium, high-quality sliding patio door here in the Northern Florida region doesn’t have to be stressful or risky at ALL. With JD&W, you’re going to be collaborating with proven, established, core-value-driven professionals that steer our ship toward principles, not profits.

Specialty Home-Defining Products

Premium-Quality Replacement Windows That Last

The bi-folding patio doors we work with are the caliber of products with quality systems that don’t just perform well…they redefine and refine homes. And they improve the experience you have while at home, not to mention the views and new light. Premium. Strong. Dependable. Absolutely gorgeous.

Guaranteed, Full-Satisfaction Workmanship

Detailed, Polished Installations You Can Count On

Oftentimes, bi-folding patio doors are rather large, and there are a lot of complexities that go into these projects. This is why our full-satisfaction approach to workmanship gives you so much peace of mind. Your project isn’t finished until YOU say it is and every detail is picture-perfect.

Personalized Turnkey Process

Custom-Fit-For-You Process From Inspiration To Installation

From A to Z, we’ve polished our process to ensure you don’t just love the results and how your new bi-folding patio door impacts your home, but you also love the experience with us. From the first call and into design, through installation and beyond, to ensure everything’s 100%, we’ll take care of you.

Our Close-Knit Company Culture

Respecting Each Customer Like They’re Part Of The Family

Our founders left cushy jobs working for elite American door and window manufacturers to build a privately-owned, family-focused company folks across the Jacksonville Metro and St. Augustine areas could trust. We’re close-knit, and we work together like a well-oiled machine.

Our Absolute-Zero-Sales-Pressure Policy

Focused On Providing Solutions, Not Generating Profits

At JD&W, we’re focused on everything we love about this industry, not profits: our customers, the complexities of these premium products, the science involved, the details of installation, etc. When you work with us, you’ll find it’s not easy to get us to put our ‘salesmen’ hats on.

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Examples Of Our 5-Star Customer Feedback

See What Northern Florida Homeowners Are Saying

Amara J.

Blown away at how amazing JD&W

Blown away at how amazing JD&W is. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. Very professional, welcoming, and attentive. Great prices! My installer was phenomenal. He arrived early, and I don’t have enough words for his work. My bi-folding patio door looks amazing, and to say I’m pleased isn’t even close. Try them out! You won’t be disappointed!

Stephanie R.

These guys were wonderful to work with

These guys were wonderful to work with. They were professional, and it really shows that they care for their customers. We had a small issue with the paint during the installation, and they had someone out ASAP to ensure it was up to their standards. I’d definitely recommend the JD&W team and would use them again in a heartbeat.

Robert L.

A pleasure to deal with.

A pleasure to deal with. They provided us with a custom-fit bi-folding patio door after a couple of others couldn't figure out how to do so. The installers were courteous, did a great job, and left the place clean. We highly recommend Jacksonville Doors and Windows.

Dee T.

Exceptional quality, product, and value

Exceptional quality, product, and value. The whole team was Awesome!! They were very quick and professional, and the wait time wasn’t bad at all. I’m loving my new door. Highly recommended for all your door needs. Kudos!

Craig B.

Very courteous, professional, and understanding

Very courteous, professional, and understanding of what it takes to maintain a friendly trusting relationship with the customer. They get the job done to complete satisfaction and are in the driver’s seat ensuring Jacksonville Doors and Windows has a successful, bright future.

Sliding Patio Door FAQs

Important Questions & Answers

Are your bi-folding patio doors high-maintenance?

No. Of course, we’ll be your long-term partner to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. Otherwise, all they require is cleaning when the glass or frames get dirty over time. You can approach cleaning the glass and frames the exact same way you would clean your windows.

Can I get my bi-fold doors to open inwards?

Sure, they can be configured and manufactured to open either inwards or outwards. It’s mainly preferential. Do you want the folded doors to sit inside the home and take up a little space when opened, or do you want them to sit outside when opened?

How long should I expect my bi-fold patio doors to last?

As mentioned above, the material you choose and the quality of the product will do the lion’s share of determining the lifespan of your door. And these products are similar to most other home improvements in that all-wood will last the shortest (especially if not properly maintained). Even if maintained, they’ll have a hard time competing with our all-aluminum models that should last 45-50 years minimum.

How much is my aluminum bi-fold patio door going to cost?

First and foremost, the caliber and quality of doors we work with are not considered cheap or low-quality by any stretch of the imagination. That said, the added cost over less expensive materials is realized in value: quality, strength, longevity, and security (commonly referred to as the safest type of patio door in the industry).

What’s the best material for my bi-folding patio door?

At JD&W, our bi-folding patio doors are all aluminum, but they can also come in all wood or aluminum-clad wood. These material differences impact everything from your overall project pricing to more basic things like durability, longevity, and home security. For example, if you’re really close to the ocean, you might reconsider a less expensive all-wood bi-folding patio door because of the expansion and contraction issues (high-end models compensate for this through design features). At the end of the day, our aluminum doors are arguably ideal.

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