How Are Replacement Windows Installed?

How Are Replacement Windows Installed
In The Greater Mandarin, FL Area?

An Inside Look At How Experts
Complete The Process

When your Mandarin, FL home needs replacement windows, you may have questions about how the project unfolds and how the new windows are installed. For instance, how are the old windows removed? How do you fit new windows into existing apertures? Do you have to custom-make each replacement window to fit the current space?

In fact, replacing an entire houseful of windows can be a big job, but it is not an overly tricky one. It simply takes some know-how and the proper tools and materials. Experienced installers can often finish small jobs in only an afternoon and larger jobs in a week or less.

Below is an inside look at the process so you know what you can expect.

Tools Needed For Mandarin, FL Window Replacement

Replacement window installers require a number of tools and materials to perform the job efficiently. Below are some of the most common:

  • Drill
  • Level
  • Shims
  • Hammer
  • Utility Knife
  • Tape measure
  • Caulk gun and caulk
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Hearing and eye protection

Mandarin, FL-area installers ensure they have each of these on hand before they begin any replacement window project. It slows the project down to a crawl if they must pause the job every time they’re missing the tool they need.

Steps In A Replacement Window Project

Every replacement window project involves similar steps. Residential window replacement companies will complete these steps to ensure your installation is completed flawlessly.

1. Measuring For Replacement Window Size

Installers make sure the frames are sound. Then, they measure each existing window for its inside width and height. Once they have determined the size of the existing window, they can order a replacement window from the factory or from the company’s current inventory.

Usually, the older windows will be of a standard size, so ordering a replacement is not difficult. Prices for the new windows will vary depending on the manufacturer, quality, material, and features. Certain features like triple-pane glass, sound dampening, and UV radiation screens usually cost more.

If the frames are not in good condition or the windows are of unusual size, they may have to cut around the existing aperture to enlarge the hole so it fits the next largest standard size. Installers then add these measurements to their list.

Once they have the sizes for each window, they will order the appropriate replacement windows for your Mandarin, FL home.

2. Removing Old Windows

First, installers remove the old stop or the piece of trim that prevents the window from opening too far. They save this for reuse. Then, they remove the lower window sash. They can then remove the parting stop or the thin strip of wood that separates the sashes on double-hung windows. This can be discarded since it won’t be reused.

Installers can withdraw the upper sash once the lower sash and stops are removed. Then, they remove the mechanism that makes opening and closing the sash easy—either the sash liners and springs or the sash cord pulleys and weights.

If there are weight pockets, these must be filled with spray-in fiberglass insulation to eliminate drafts or heat loss.

3. Installing New Windows

Once the old windows are removed, installers prep the frame by scraping away any loose paint and cleaning it of dirt or grime. Then, they can install the new Pella replacement windows into the existing frame.

Next, they apply an elastomeric (or rubber) caulk to the casings and windowsill in preparation for the replacement windows. They set the bottom of the window into the sill on the beads of caulk. The installers press it tightly against the casing and fasten it by drilling in screws – just far enough so the window can open and close.

They close and lock the sash and insert one or more shims under the window until it is centered, and the bubble level indicates the window is square. They trim the shims away using the utility knife.

Finally, they caulk and paint the new window.

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