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Rather Than Sales Tactics And Arm-Twisting Nonsense,
We Focus On Guiding, Informing, And Educating You.

This is one subject that’ll get our founders all fired up – sales nonsense in the windows and doors niche of Northern Florida’s home improvement market. It’s rampant! In fact, the things average contractors do to the elderly or folks who don’t know any better and get sucked into their schemes are downright embarrassing.

We’re different. We run a tight ship, and absolutely NO arm-twisting, high- or even low-pressure sales tactics are tolerated. Because the truth is, we don’t want this kind of thing to tarnish or even destroy our local Jacksonville Metro reputation.

Around here, we’re not known for sales or giving people outlandishly high quotes. Instead, we’re known for getting people the most value possible for their budget at the most cost-effective price. Not to mention our professional-grade, polished workmanship.

specialist consultations

We Send Product SPECIALISTS, Not Salespeople

When we define your initial in-home visit with a JD&W specialist as a “consultation,” we mean it. That’s exactly what it is. We’re there to guide, inform, educate, consult, and demonstrate our specialization in these products…not to sell you anything. In fact, we consider ourselves hyper-talented matchmakers that match local Northern Florida homeowners with window and front entry door solutions that make their lives easier and their homes more valuable.

products you need

We Only Focus On Products YOU NEED

Pella | Andersen | Simonton | PGT

When looking at our manufacturers, there are WELL over 1 BILLION options if you include the sheer amount of custom colors we can achieve. Because of this, it’d be easy to match people with products they don’t need. For example, in Northern Florida, we could install hurricane or impact windows for folks far enough inland who don’t need them. We refuse to do this. We ONLY match folks with the window and door solutions they need. Nothing more, or less.

jacksonville doors and windows for any budget

We Provide A Solution For EVERY BUDGET

For some folks here in Northern Florida, money isn’t an issue. For many others, it’s a huge deal, especially when we’re talking about a hand-made front every door, a Custom Door Glass Makeover, or a project where 15, 20, or 30 windows must be replaced. With us, whether you need a feature-rich $500 vinyl window or a $3500 aluminum-clad wood window, we pride ourselves on being able to pinpoint the exact-match solution for any budget.

best value pricing

Committed To BEST-VALUE Pricing, Not Games

Folks are often surprised by our quotes on their overall project, whether we were the first home improvement company they contacted or not. The reason is we bend over backward to provide the same levels of value they’re interested in (or more) at a better or more cost-effective price than the average local contractor gives them. Why? Because we give you the ACTUAL price – detailed, line-by-line, and backed with data. Plus, we run our business with integrity!

no in home quotes

No Same-Day In-Home Quotes

Does it shock you that we aren’t going to show up to your home, try to sell you stuff you don’t need, and then give you a rough ballpark estimate there on the spot? If so, we don’t blame you because this kind of nonsense is too common. Instead, we get to know your circumstances, budget, and needs, then take TIME to put together a professional quote, which we send in 1 to 2 business days. This way, you’re free to weigh your options in peace without any pressure.

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Our Values, Products, Process & More!

Our Hard-Earned, Experience-Driven Values

We didn’t just toss together some values from cliche inspirational posters. We didn’t just make them up as a marketing gimmick, either. The principles and experience-driven values we use to steer our course came from decades of collective hard work, paying dues, and refining our skills.

Our Statement-Making, Home-Defining Products

Around Northern Florida, we’re known for a) providing access to a gargantuan amount of options, options, and more options, and b) ensuring that each installation helps to redefine the interior & exterior aesthetic of your home. We represent superior value at local-industry-best pricing.

Our Guaranteed, Full-Satisfaction Workmanship

When you browse our 5-star reviews from local Jacksonville Metro homeowners, you’ll notice that alongside a genuine appreciation for our services and results is an appreciation for the quality of our workmanship. Furthermore, how we take care of our customers over the long haul.

Our Accommodating, Personalized Process

Are we going to ensure you fall head-over-heels in love with our results? You bet. But more than that, we’ve really refined our people-before-profits process to ensure you have a fantastic experience as well. They’re equally important sides of the proverbial home improvement coin.

Our Tight-Knight, Family-Based Company Culture

JD&W is proud to be leaner and more efficient than large home improvement brands. We’re also proud of our industry relationships that allow us to give our customers the best deals on premium window and door products. The perks of our family-based company are many indeed.

Take Your Home To The Next Level

At Jacksonville Doors And Windows, we offer customized patio doors, entry doors, door glass, and replacement windows of surpassing beauty and quality. Each custom unit is meticulously installed by professionals who know well the craftsmanship required to withstand the Northern Florida climate. Call today for your free consultation.


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