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To be honest with you, out of around 500-600 Residential Front Entry Door projects a year (not including our replacement windows or Decorative Door Glass Makeover projects), less than 5% of our customers end up calling us for a service issue. And often, these service issues are small, easy, quick fixes for one of our specialists to come out and take care of.

Why is the number so small compared to the really high average numbers for contractors in the Northern Florida region? Simple – our strict full-satisfaction approach to workmanship. We’re the type of family company you can depend on for seasoned expertise and detailed, polished installations…period.

Let’s dig into some specific reasons below to give you more insight into how we work, step by step so that you’re elated about the results and the experience.

Jacksonville Windows And Doors Top Tier Us Manufacturers

A Triple-Check Attitude Toward The Details

Here’s something most folks don’t understand – our Northern Florida Market is unlike any other in the nation. That’s a fact. When you look at the network of codes window and door contractors like us have to navigate, you have a deeper understanding of why you NEED specialists, not just some Chuck and his truck who can slap a new door in your entrance or replacement windows in your home. We know every fine detail and triple-check everything.

Jacksonville Doors And Windows Quality Tools Materials

Superior-Quality Tools, Materials, And Products

No matter how talented our installers are and no matter how precise our installations are, top-quality workmanship requires top-quality tools, materials, and products. Without that quality, it’s impossible for you to get and enjoy the maximum amount of benefits and value you’re investing in. One cheap subpar material, or one subpar “bandaid” solution, can squander this value over time, which is why everything we put our hands on is of the highest quality.

Jacksonville Doors And Windows Consistent Communication

Consistent, Straightforward, And Honest Communication

If you browse our 5-star reviews, like any other successful Jacksonville Metro contractor, one of the top three things mentioned is communication. Considerate. Consistent. Crystal-clear. The only “issue” you could say we do run into? Giving customers TOO much info! That happens naturally when you’re a specialist — you want to share every detail about the products and process (fortunately, our customers LOVE our penchant for overcommunication).

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Our Values, Products, Process & More!

Our Hard-Earned, Experience-Driven Values

The values we use to steer our company ship were genuinely hard-earned. Our founders put in decades of hard work in the industry before setting off on their own to do things in a way they KNEW local Northern Florida homeowners would appreciate. We treat folks right, with integrity.

Our Statement-Making, Home-Defining Products

Any product we install will provide the absolute most value possible, given your budget. Whether you need a high-quality $1200 window, an industry-best $3000 window, a “money is no issue” entry door, or something more affordable, we’ll ensure these products make your home shine!

Our Accommodating, Personalized Process

Truth be told, we’re as concerned with how much you enjoy the experience of working with us as we are about the results of our specialized product design and installation services. It’s not enough that you love our workmanship. We want you to be ecstatic about choosing JD&W.

Our Tight-Knit, Family-Based Company Culture

What separates our smaller, leaner, more efficient family company from a mega home improvement corporation? Better, more personalized service. More value at better prices. And the peace of mind of knowing you’re cared for by locals who KNOW this area extremely well.

Our Strict Policy Of Zero Sales Pressure

Trust us, we despise nonsense arm-twisting, high-pressure sales tactics much more than you do. Why? Because they make our industry look bad. We’re different. We’ve removed all the “sales” from the process and replaced it with specialized, helpful, and productive expertise.

Take Your Home To The Next Level

At Jacksonville Doors And Windows, we offer customized patio doors, entry doors, door glass, and replacement windows of surpassing beauty and quality. Each custom unit is meticulously installed by professionals who know well the craftsmanship required to withstand the Northern Florida climate. Call today for your free consultation.


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