Family-Based Culture

At Jacksonville Doors & Windows, We’re Proud
Of Our Family-Based Company Culture

We Treat Customers Like Family, With Genuine Respect
And Integrity
Throughout Their Window Or Door Project.

There are definitely times in life when working directly with larger corporate outfits is just more convenient than smaller family companies (like, when you need a car, for example). However, when it comes to premium replacement windows and residential front entry doors, not to mention our Door Glass Makeover service…you NEED a smaller, leaner, family-focused, and specialized contractor.

It’s essential for a host of reasons, both simple and complex. In our case, our product specialists help you get the perfect solution from within their sea of options. Then we work with the manufacturers for you to ensure you get what you pay for and that they’re installed with detail and precision.

The Best News: when you work with us, you work with a tight-knit professional family. So not only do you get this specialized service, but you enjoy the entire experience from A to Z. Let’s talk a bit more about how our family-based company culture sets us apart from other Northern Florida door and window contractors.

family approach

Our Family-Oriented Approach

What are we saying when we proudly exclaim we’re a family-oriented replacement window and residential front entry door company? It means we’re a private company, not a large multi-state entity or a brand listed on Wall Street. We’re smaller. Leaner. Faster. We’re more focused on quality/value for our CUSTOMERS. And it means our process, how we run a tight ship, and how we treat people are governed by us, not some impersonal profit-based corporate board.

service and results

A Culture Based On Service & Results

See, the trick is when you emphasize treating people with genuine respect, treating people honestly and with integrity, then delivering real quality and value at the most cost-effective price possible…profits take care of themselves. Rallying around service and detailed, professional results has helped us grow from a small humble family company here in the Northern Florida region to a well-known, trusted local window & door contractor. It means the world to us!

no sales pressure

We’ve Removed “Sales” From The Equation

Are 100% of “sales” removed from our process? No, of course not. If that were the case, we’d never have gotten our company off the ground. What we mean is we aren’t going to try and sell you anything (especially something you don’t need). In fact, it’s tough to get us to put our proverbial ‘salespeople’ hat on. We focus on the products, the science behind them, the functional value, and the solutions they provide for homeowners we work with.

picture perfect products

Getting You The EXACT Picture-Perfect Products

Pella | Andersen | Simonton | PGT

Rather than selling products, we’re matchmakers. We match Jacksonville Metro-area homeowners with the right replacement window and entry door solutions that fit their needs, aesthetic tastes, and budgets. This is why we work with elite US manufacturers and hand-build our entry doors – so we can do almost anything. With Jacksonville Doors And Windows, you’re guaranteed to see your home improvement vision truly come to life.

follow through follow up

Following Through & Following Up

One of the reasons such a tiny portion of our customers ever need to call us for a service issue is because we follow up. Always. We come to check on you, the products themselves, and our installations down the road. And, if anything should arise, we’re quite friendly. Just give us a call, and we’ll bend over backward to make everything right and get you comfortable again. No one cares more about our workmanship than we do, and that’s a fact.

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Our Values, Products, Process & More!

Our Hard-Earned, Experience-Driven Values

We aren’t newcomers to the unique Northern Florida home improvement market. Nope. Actually, we put in decades upon decades of collective experience before striking off on our own to do things the way folks in this area of the country both need and expect them to be done. Properly!

Our Statement-Making, Home-Defining Products

Our customers fall in love with the fact that we don’t just provide access to a mind-boggling amount of statement-making replacement and entry door options (as well as entry door glass makeover options). We provide the expertise and insight to help you make the best choices.

Our Guaranteed, Full-Satisfaction Workmanship

Literally, no one on planet Earth takes the quality and precision of our workmanship more importantly than we do. Period. We’re not finished until you’re 100% satisfied and thrilled with each and every minor detail because we know our Northern Florida reputation is riding on it.

Our Accommodating, Personalized Process

You being thrilled with our work and results isn’t enough. It’s also of supreme importance that you enjoy working with us! From initial contact and design consultation through installation, final walkthrough, and handshakes, and beyond. We believe in our people-before-profits processes.

Our Strict Policy Of Zero Sales Pressure

The fact of the matter is this: we’re not salespeople, and we’re not focused on sales. We’re replacement window, front entry door, and entry door glass specialists. Our focus is on you and on matching you with the highest-value solutions at the best possible prices you’ll find in our region.

Take Your Home To The Next Level

At Jacksonville Doors And Windows, we offer customized patio doors, entry doors, door glass, and replacement windows of surpassing beauty and quality. Each custom unit is meticulously installed by professionals who know well the craftsmanship required to withstand the Northern Florida climate. Call today for your free consultation.


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